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"Now I know why my game wasn't improving. I wish I would have attended one of your schools sooner. I look forward to attending again next year."
- Bob R
- Scoring Zone Full Day 2016

"Directly due to the quality of the instruction, I'm much more confident in my short game today than prior to the
- Dave
- Scoring Zone Full Day 2016

"The teachers were unbelievably helpful...and patient!!
- David
- Scoring Zone Full Day and Advanced 2016

"TSIG staff is great. Very polite and courteous. Very interested in helping improvement of students."
- Jeff
- Full Swing 2016

"Full Swing school was better than expected!"
-Kirk 2016
" I thought it was an excellent session, packed with workable instruction. Wouldn't change a thing."
-Susan S
-Scoring Zone Half Day 2016

"Simple, focused instruction. Development of a personal swing improvement plan. Really like the follow up video"
-Full Swing 2016

"Overall covered many topics, had a good approach, good hands-on instruction. For me personally, I liked the putting and bump and run instruction the most. Also like the book that was proviced"
-Scoring Zone Full Day 2016

"All instructors were great. Wonderful attitiudes, felt that they respected me even though I play at a low level. Awesome group of guys"
-Scoring Zone Full Day 2016

"I like the teacher to student ration and the individual attention the instructors gave. I thought the putting was very good and being fitted correctly for a putter."
- Josh
- Scoring Zone Full Day 2016

"The staff was very nice and professional"
-Full Swing 2016

"Any lesson that i have had so far has been very beneficial. When I'm ready to hit the ball at any point I always think before I go and try to remember instruction. Also want to compliment you on your staff. You must have hand picked everyone, they are all great instructors. Todd, really enjoyed your Scoring Zone class.
-Scoring Zone Full Day 2016

"The improvement in my game was immediate as son of the fixes were easy. Other fixes weren't as easy, but I feel as if they will happen over time and I will improve even more."

-David B
-Scoring Zone Full Day 2016

"Todd and his staff made the micro lessons simple to follow and achievable. I also appreciate their patience."
- Tom L
- attended Scoring Zone Full Day

"The quality of the instructors, the positive attitude, the video, and the amount of individual attention were the things I liked best about the school."

- Robert S


"I attended the Saturday June 7th class and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the instruction. Every aspect of each different shot you were teaching was well explained and demonstrated. Each of you were able to give me a key for my swing or putt that made the light bulb go off.

I went out on Sunday to do what I call an application round, to apply the lessons in regular play. The grip, posture and alignment changes given to me for the mini wedge I applied to my full swing and man what a difference! I didn't fight the driver all day - only missed 2 fairways. Approach shots were struck with confidence and I was able to hit - high toss, low toss, hinge and hold (this was the hardest for me), bump and run, bump and spin, explosion and mini wedge.

Then there was the new putter - this was a true confidence builder. The correct length, weight and the new set up all kicked in and just felt awesome! Todd, I honestly didn't realize just how big a difference being properly fit for a putter would make, but I know now.

In the past when I had taken a lesson my scores would usually increase until I was able to become comfortable with the changes, but not this time as I felt pretty comfortable right from the start. While I didn't tear it up (shot 79) I came away with the feeling that I am on the cusp of being able to finally take my game to the next level.

I know it's going to take plenty of practice to get rid of some bad habits, but I now have the tools I have been missing to help me get there. I am going to see about getting into another class later in the year to keep driving the changes towards a better golf game.

So thank you all for a great day of great instruction by some really great people - you made me feel like I can take this to the next level!

- Sincerely, Ken S

- Attended June 7 2014 Scoring Zone Full Day School


 "Todd has helped me since my college days in sharpening the scoring shots that aided me in winning the 2003 US Women's Open."


- Hillary Lunke - LPGA Tour (2003 US Women's Open)


"Todd understands how important it is to keep instruction simple so that a player can stay in the zone."


- Steve Jones (7 wins PGA Tour)


"Todd has been able to help me to better understand and develop my whole game to bring me to the next level on the PGA tour."


- Jay Williamson (PGA Tour)


"Todd has been instrumental in the advancement of my career from Junior Golf to competing on the LPGA Tour."


- Stephanie Louden (LPGA Tour)


"Since meeting with Todd and working on the fundamentals to become a great putter, I shot my career low round of 62 and shot 65 to advance to the second stage of PGA Qualifying School. I feel I owe the successes to Todd and the Coutour fitting system."

- Curtis Malm

"Very understandable instruction and the ability to practice what was just taught"
- M. Zorich (attended Scoring Zone Full Day School)

" I have seen immediate results!"

-A. Tognocchi (attended Scoring Zone Full Day School)

"I learned more today about golf than I have learned from all the lessons I've had in my life, combined. Everything is so simple and easy to remember. I haven't been able to think about anything else since I left. Thanks again. It was LIFE CHANGING."

- C. Bobrinskoy (attended Scoring Zone Full Day School)

"It has been some time since I hit under 90 and more recently I have struggled to get under 110. Yesterday, I hit 87. The scoring improvement all came down to the short game."

-Brendan W  (attended Scoring Zone Full Day School)
"Thanks to all the great advice you gave me at the short game clinic, I shot an 87 today!! It was my first time breaking 90. I used many of the shots that you taught. Thanks you!! I hope there are more rounds in the 80's in my future."

-Katie A.
"I took only two lessons from your instructors at the school this year (but a whole bunch of practice followed). Consequently, for the first time in at least five years, my ball striking was more consistent --- and I did not have one round in the 80's all year (no matter what course I played) at 70 years of age. Thanks be to you and your talented group."

-Mike Smolinski

" I was at your Full Swing class last Saturday, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Your instructors were extremely patient and helpful to me. But the best thing is that my play has improved 100%. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results. My ball striking and distance is remarkable. I have never hit the ball so crisp and far in my life. I also want to say that before I played a round I spent at least one hour on the range. The grip, setup, and posture are key to hitting the ball properly. The posture exercises I practiced at home are also key to feeling comfortable over the ball. I have played 3 rounds since last Saturday and I am improving with each round. I cannot say enough about your system."

-Dave Schoeneck

"When you consider that at least 70% of your total strokes come from less than 100 yards away from the pin, Todd Sones’ full day Scoring Zone School was easily the best time and money you can spend for that type of personal, hands-on instruction. I couldn’t be happier with the results and now have a much better understanding of the necessary "scoring zone” mechanics and techniques that have already led to lower scores.”    

- Matt Hartmann (1 hdcp)

"Big thanks are in order for you and your staff as I've cut about 5 putts from my average this season compared to last. I attribute this to the custom putter fitting/lesson and short game class I tool from Impact Golf this winter."

-Tyson Salewske

"Todd, Thank you and your staff for great Golf Instruction! I appreciate the attitude, enthusiasm, patience, and interest that you and your staff provided during the day."

- Nick Medawar


"I thought I had a pretty good short game prior to my day with you and your staff, was I wrong. I used every technique during my round and got up and down seven times for par.

- Chris Smollen


"I'd like to congratulate and thank you and your staff for hosting a terrific Scoring Zone this past weekend. You deserve a lot of credit for what I thought was a tremendous value."

- Edward F. O'Brien (HBO)

"I always thought I was an above average putter until I attended your school. I really learned some new skills."

- Dennis Valenti

"I liked the overall attentiveness and quality of the instructors and how their efforts have improved my game to this point. Everyone I have come in contact with has been professional, considerate and very attentive. The student/teacher ratio is just right."

- Mike Wsol

"I liked the personalized instruction with hands on guidance. From grip to posture, the staff is observant and offer constructive advice. Your school has taught me how to approach the swing, trust the mechanics and enjoy being competitive."

- Dave and Kris Freeman

"I like the personal attention. In most schools the pros are outnumbered by 10-1. Other schools don’t check to see if you’re following their advice correctly."

- Drew Desnick

"I liked the approach to fundamentals and the interpersonal and technical skills of the staff."

- Jane Austin


"Pleasant professional atmosphere. Todd provides very competent concise instruction."

- Bob Kinnucan

"Great teaching insights relative to improving personal golf game. I would like to comment on the exceptional quality of everyone involved in my class and in your office because it is apparent to me that you function as a team professionally with the best interests of your students as a #1 priority. It is easy to see why your golf school is rated as one of the best in the nation."

- Al Bartel

"I had a member of my club tell me what a nice short game I have-What a hoot!"

- Noel Zweig

"Todd is absolutely the best instructor I have ever had. I like that you continually stress the basics: grip, posture, etc. I always to back to them when I run into trouble."

- Rob Cinefro

Todd Sones