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2016 Honduras Trip

CJ and I recently returned from our amazing trip to Honduras. Every year I go, I am blessed by the children and the experiences. I come home with a better understanding every year of how fortunate we are to live in America and enjoy all the opportunities it has to offer. This year I didn't write a detailed blog since the places we visit are consistent year to year. Below is a link to the detailed blog from our 2015 trip.

This year, I just took some pictures and videos to share the experience with all who are curious.

CJ and I Todd, Mirian, and Pamela
CJ, Pamela, and Mirian Can you see the mistake in this 1,000 year old clock?
1st Night Tradition - 41 of us enjoying Chinese food 1st morning devotional at 1,000 year old church in town square
New chapel built this year for the boy's orphanage Some of the guys with me and CJ after stacking bricks
Beautiful little girl at the fiesta Pamela happily washing clothes
Pamela and Marian singing with CJ Special needs boys playing soccer at Nellie's
New aqua therapy pool and cathedral built at Nellies in the last six months. She continutes to amaze us all. There wasn't a set work project, so some of the guys helped stack cement blocks
Honduran Taxi Playing with the boys at the orphanage
Playing with the boys at the orphanage CJ and Brian (one of our favorite boys)
Children playing at Buen Pastor These beautiful children are the result of girls being abused by fathers, stepfathers, or mother's boyfriends. They are all between the ages of 12 and 15. There is always hope where there is life and love.
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