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New Video Tip: Finesse Sequence for Better Shots Around the Green
June 2nd 2016 - Did you know that there is a different sequence for power shots and finesse shots? In this video, Todd clearly explains what it takes to hit finesse shots around the green. For more videos, become an :: continue »

Keys to Compressing the Ball (Video Tip)
Ever wondered what the difference is between a solid well-struck iron shot and those thin awful feeling iron shots we all hate? It really comes down to two things. Your weight needs to be on your forward :: continue »

Limit Leverage for Distance Control Around Green
The Problem:You have poor distance control from just off the green.The Reason:Generally in our Scoring Zone Schools we see players approach these short shots with a full swing grip which creates too :: continue »

More Width More Power
The Problem:No matter how fast you swing the club you lack clubhead speed at impact.The Cause:As you get to the top of the backswing, your arms collapse resulting in a lack of width between your arms :: continue »

Teaching For The Troops
Please join us at our 4th Annual Teaching for the Troops day at White Deer to benefit the "Folds of Honor Foundation". Todd Sones and the Impact Staff will help your game while you support dependents of :: continue »

When A Good Divot Is Not The Right Divot
The ProblemYou’re presented with a buried lie in the bunker and continually skull the shot over the green or leave it in the bunker.The CauseThe divot that you are taking in the sand is probably too :: continue »

Playing Posture
As most of our students know, our approach to teaching golf that has been extremely successful is to teach the game holistically. From our experience, we have learned that people have the same patterns, :: continue »

Secret To Striking Solid Putts
Problem: Many amateurs hit up on the golf ball during their stroke by flipping their hands and falling back which results in miss-hit putts.Drill: Grip down two inches on your sand wedge and practice :: continue »

Keep Your Head Down! Good Advice?
The ProblemYour biggest problem is "topping the ball" or "hitting it thin". Someone proceeds to tell you: keep your head down!Keeping your head down is probably the most misunderstood concept in golf. :: continue »

Use A Chair For More Power
The ProblemHitting powerless shots that have too much fade or slice spin with no consistency of contact. The CauseIn the backswing, your lower body slides outside of your back foot. This creates a :: continue »

Find Your Start Line
The ProblemMisaligning the face of the putter properly to your chosen target lineWhy it’s HappeningOne of the most difficult things for a player of any caliber to do is to line the face of the :: continue »

Paint Your Way to Better Contact
The Problem Hitting your putts on the bottom of your putter rather than in the center, resulting in a lack of distance control (especially on long or uphill putts). The Cause In a putting :: continue »

Beat The Yips!
by Kiel AlderinkProblemYou struggle from 4 feet in. The reason most players struggle from 4 feet in is they will tend to "guide" the ball into the hole. When you try to guide the ball into the hole, :: continue »

Solid Chip Shots
Use a 2X4 For Solid Chipsby Tim JankowskiThe ProblemOn a short shot just off the edge of the green that requires a simple low running shot, you flip the golf club through impact resulting in poor distance :: continue »

Tired of Coming Over the Top?
It Starts From The Ground Upby Jeff Williams Problem: Many players reverse into their forward leg in the backswing verses loading properly into their back leg. When a player starts their downswing :: continue »

Downhill Lie Strategy
Downhill Lie Strategy by Kiel AlderinkProblemMany players’ score goes "downhill" when they experience downhill lies. Players that do not understand how to hit these shots will set up to the ball :: continue »

Three Keys to Solid Fairway Bunker Shots
by Tim Jankowski The ProblemWe’ve found in our Full Swing school that our students struggle with contact in fairway bunkers. This is due to poor setup fundamentals, resulting in fat shots that don’t make :: continue »

How to Compress the Ball
How to "Compress the Ball" by Kiel AlderinkProblemMany players struggle with hitting the ball solidly and getting the feel of the ball "jumping" off the clubface. The main reason that players :: continue »

A Drill to Help You Make Your Short Putts
In our Scoring Zone School, we have found that on short to mid-range putts, players struggle to find just the right pace at which to swing the putter.The DrillBy placing a shaft down just in front of :: continue »

The Secret to High and Soft
The ProblemWhen attempting to hit a high, soft shot from around the green to a pin with little green to work with, players tend to deprive themselves of loft by keeping the toe of the clubface down. :: continue »

Stop Swinging Over the Top
by Tim JankowskiThe ProblemHitting weak shots to the right coupled with inconsistent contact for the irons and slicing the driver.The CauseIn our Full Swing golf school, we find that many players tend :: continue »

Are You Hitting Good Shots with Bad Results?
by Todd SonesProblem: When you hit a good shot and look up to find your ball sailing toward the rough, a hazard, or worse, out of bounds. Poor alignment is one of the most common mistakes golfers of all :: continue »

How to Hit the Hinge and Hold
One of the most challenging shots around the green is when your ball is sitting down in the rough. Here are three keys that will help you.Contributed by Todd Sones :: continue »

Grip Tip for Power
The ProblemPlayers who do not hit the ball as far as they should often struggle with distance because of their grip. They will grip the club so that it runs through the palms and the shaft lines :: continue »

Chipping off a Tight Lie or out of the Rough
Problem Many players treat shots out of the rough the same way they treat shots off a tight lie. To be successful in both you need a different approach.SolutionWhen the ball is sitting on a tight :: continue »

Roll the Ball Straight off the Putter Face
The ProblemWhen the ball rolls crooked off the putter face, it doesn’t matter how well you read the line or aim the putter face, you won’t make the putt. Once a good setup has been achieved, a :: continue »

Hit Solid 30 to 70 Yard Wedge Shots
July 9th 2010 - Hit Solid 30 to 70 Yard Wedge ShotsThe ProblemPoor contact and distance control from 30 to 70 yards. In our Scoring Zone Short game schools we refer to this as Mini Wedge Play. Many players fear shots :: continue »

Store Your Power Until You Need It
July 2nd 2010 - Store Your Power Until You Need It by Jeff WilliamsQuestion: Are you sick of feeling like you don’t have any power in your golf swing?Problem:Many players struggle with lack of power resulting :: continue »

Solid Shots Off Tight Lies
June 25th 2010 - Solid Shots Off Tight Lies by Tim JankowskiThe ProblemAround the greens off tight lies, many amateurs hit fat shots that do not get to the green, or thin shots that roll over the green.When many :: continue »

Control Your Trajectory around the Green
June 18th 2010 - ProblemMany players are not able to control their trajectory around the green on their pitch shots. Whenever you can’t control your trajectory you are limited on how close you can get the ball to :: continue »

Knuckles Up or Knuckles Down
June 11th 2010 - Are you tired of hitting weak golf shots with no distance?Problem: When releasing the golf club, most amateurs release with the knuckles to the sky or the grip of the golf club going away from the :: continue »

Get Out of the Bunker with Ease
June 4th 2010 - The ProblemLeaving the ball in the bunker or skulling the ball way over the green.Many players struggle in the bunker because the clubface is closed or, said another way, lacks loft. When a player :: continue »

Changing Your Spine Angle is the Key to HItting Solid Drives and Chips
May 28th 2010 - The ProblemHitting weak drives and fat or thin shots around the green. The main problem many players have is that their angle of approach to the ball is reversed. They hit down on their drives and :: continue »

Learn to Swing on Plane
May 21st 2010 - The ProblemMany players struggle to control the shaft/swing plane in the backswing, causing poor contact and a ball flight that is unpredictable. This is due to “hunched” posture that causes the shaft :: continue »

Hitting Weak Thin Iron Shots
May 14th 2010 - Problem: When a player hits the ball thin, or worse, tops the golf ball, inevitably they have come out of their playing posture. Coming out of your playing posture simply means "rising up at impact".Solution: :: continue »

Get Close to the Hole for More Ups and Downs
May 7th 2010 - The Problem:Poor distance control around the green is often a result of focusing on the hole as a target verses the landing spot. When a player focuses on the hole, they inadvertently carry the ball too :: continue »

Find Your Start Line to Make More Putts
May 1st 2010 - The ProblemMisaligning the face of the putter properly to your chosen target lineWhy it’s HappeningOne of the most difficult things for a player of any caliber to do is to line the face of the :: continue »

Compress the Ball for Solid Iron Shots
April 23rd 2010 - The ProblemAll great ball strikers are on their forward leg at impact while many amateurs reverse their weight and hit off their back leg.Why it's HappeningMany players have the misconception that they :: continue »

Improve Your Lag Putting and You Will Lower Your Score
April 16th 2010 - Most people struggle with speed control more than they realize. The reason they struggle with speed control is what we call a signature backstroke. This means they always take the putterhead back close :: continue »

Todd Sones