Big Cedar Lodge Experience

I had such a great experience at the Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks just outside of Branson, MI.  I had to share some of it with our students.  Originally, I saw Big Cedar on the Golf Channel while they were hosting the Legends of Golf event.  The golf courses were stunning enough that I looked up the resort on the internet at  The lodge looked equally amazing to the golf courses, so with it being only an 8-hour drive from Chicago, I decided to make it our summer vacation spot. 


Upon our arrival, we were not disappointed.  The lodge is spread out over beautifully manicured grounds with so many different activities we simply couldn’t do it all, but that’s okay because we are definitely coming back.  Of course, our main focus was golf but we threw in a little fishing, jet skiing and hiking.


There are two 18-hole Championship golf courses, Buffalo Ridge and Ozarks National which are majestic, challenging and fun to play.  However, if you asked my boys, they would tell you they had the most fun at the Top of the Mountain Golf Course.  It’s a par 3 13-hole walking only course.  It’s a ton of fun to play, we walked, laughed, watched 6 or 7 hawks fly around the mountain as played. 


I had very high expectations going into the trip and I have to say they were exceeded.  If you are looking for a great vacation whether for a family outing or just a plain golf outing with the guys, you can’t go wrong at Big Cedar.


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