Find Your Carry Distance

Tour-Proven technology used to dial in your distances

Many players really have no idea what their actual carry distances are.

When I ask players how far they carry a 7 iron, most people give a number that builds in roll out. The problem with that is that if the ground is very firm, a good 7 iron shot might run out 12 yards. If it is soft, it may only run 2 or 3 yards. The bottom line is that most people have no idea.

In addition, most players don’t know how to manage the wind. A rule of thumb is one yard for one mile per hour of wind. If you have a 20 mile an hour headwind, the ball could fly up to 20 yards shorter. If a player is hitting into a 20 mile an hour wind, landing the ball onto a soft green, the adjustment needed could be up to three clubs more. It all starts with knowing your carry distance.

In this service, Chris Bautista will use our foresight launch monitor to chart all your carry distances from your wedges through your driver. He will laminate a card for you to take so you will know your normal carry distances so that you can make better decisions on the green.


Fee: $60
Time: 45-50 Minutes

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