2020 Junior Developmental Camp

2020 Junior Developmental Camp

Who it’s for:

The male or female, who is at the stage where they want to develop good foundational skills in every part of the game of golf, would benefit from our Developmental Junior Camp. The typical age group will be from 9-13.

We work with many juniors who, unfortunately, were allowed to ingrain some bad habits early on in their golf careers which have to be broken and relearned. The goal of this camp is to give the Junior players attending solid foundational skills that they can build on for a life time.

Each day the participants will receive instruction from the Impact Golf Staff on putting, green side scoring shots, and full swing. Each student will receive before and after videos so they can watch and review their full swing instruction at any time, anywhere they have access to the internet. There will be competitive games on the skills learned each day.

All instructors teaching at the camp are professionals certified by Todd Sones

  • Cost:  $425
  • Includes: Scoring Zone Journal, Personal Video, Daily Prizes
  • Student Teacher Ratio:  4:1
  • Max:  12 Participants
  • Instructors:  TBD
  • Dates: Monday-Thursday June 8-11
  • Time: 8:30A.M – Noon

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