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“Kiel is an excellent golf instructor and is very easy to work with. He cares about my progress and is truly interested in making me a better player. He is very good at explaining "why" and not just "how" to make a better swing. I highly recommend Kiel as a golf instructor.”
Michael Goldberg
President at Goldberg Weisman Cairo

“Since I've started working with Kiel, I've been able to cut my handicap in half (from 10 to 5). Each time I meet with Kiel I gain a better understanding of my golf swing and he gives me a path to improvement. He shows a true passion for the game and uses his creative personality to help his students improve. I know that if I continue to work with him, I can shave those last few strokes off my game”
Ronald McClain
January 13, 2013

“Kiel and I worked on my golf game during one summer when I lived in Chicago. I visited Kiel once a week on the range and sometimes practised on the course.
The combination of his golf knowledge and his friendly approach to teaching made it an enjoyable experience. I looked forward to the lessons and could feel and see myself getting better every week. My game certainly improved in all areas , especially driving and approach shots.
My confidence skyrocketed.
He covered many aspects of the golf game , including course management , driving , approach shots , short game , bunker play and putting.
When I returned to Australia my playing partners could not believe the improvement and I can confidently step onto a course and I enjoy my ability to hit solid golf strokes consistently.”
“I have no hesitation in recommending Kiel as a golf instructor , for his professional approach and , most importantly , ability to deliver results.”
Ian Evans
January 15, 2013

“As a scratch golfer for almost 7 years, my game took a drastic turn for the worse after having kids, busy work schedule and limited time to play/practice. I had ballooned to a 6 handicap and was completely lost. After two different sessions with other PGA Professionals as well as countless YouTube searches for why my game was off, I decided to get lessons with Kiel and Impact Golf. I have been nothing short of over-impressed with what Kiel has done with my swing. He takes a personalized approach and interest in your game/swing and customizes his teaching to maximize your potential. While a lot of PGA Professionals I have interacted with in the past simply try to "fix you" as quickly as possible, Kiel understands that each individual is different and he only allows you to work on as much as you can handle making it easier to understand, work on, and maintain. He doesn't just "tell you what do to", but discusses the reasons why you should be doing certain things and makes you understand why your faults are what they are. You get a clear understanding of the golf swing with Kiel. You absolutely get the feeling that Kiel truly wants you to get to your potential and is 100% committed to making it happen. I have recommended Kiel to others in need and will continue to work on my game through him. He is truly one of the better PGA Professionals I have come in contact with.”
-Nate Olds
6 Handicap

“When I wanted to bring my golf game to the next level, I went to Kiel. I wanted to make changes to my game that would last beyond my competitive career. Kiel is competitive, like I am, therefore it was easy for him to understand my high expectations and drive to be great. Kiel helped every aspect of my game, from my drives, which became more powerful, to my short game that saved me many strokes. One of the most important aspects that he helped me with was my mental game. He introduced me to mental game strategies that gave me strength in long tournaments and also helped my game stay on track when I hit a bad shot. Although my competitive career has ended, the lessons I learned from Kiel are still with my game and I continue to shoot similar scores. I love the game of golf and it is nice to have an instructor who shares the love of the game and who cares about success as much as the student.”
Darinka Sutic
Libertyville High School Girls Varsity

 “Before I started with Kiel I was shooting in the mid 80's. After just 3 lessons with him I was in the high 70's. Kiel does a great job tailoring his lessons to his clients. He gets to know them on a personal level and knows what ways they learn best. Great instructor and would recommend him to anyone looking to lower their scores. I have tried other golf instructors and Kiel provided the best advice. He knows the game inside and out not on just a tangible level but also will help you with the mental part of the game. From driving the ball straight to making that birdie putt, if your looking for instruction, Kiel is where to go.”
Joe Nichols

“After 3 years of private lessons with another instructor, I was ready to throw my clubs away. Due to a physical impairment my game was awful. Kiel spent a great deal of time, and patience, working through my challenges. I was fit with the correct clubs and golf became fun. In fact, I was no longer embarrassed to play with others. I was so happy with his instructions that he became my wife's instructor. Her game improved so much that she now loves to play and even scores less than I do. He is a great instructor, patient and most of all supportive. I highly recommend him to anyone without reservation. “
Michael Robinson
President, Lobster Gram

“Kiel is a top-notch golf instructor at Todd Sones Impact Golf. His tutilidge under Todd shows in every lesson he provides. He works very hard to determine key areas of improvement needed and gives great instruction. He also monitors your progress by sending follow up emails to see how the instruction has helped. Bottom line, his instruction creates rapid results! Kiel is a really great guy to work with and very personable. I definitely recommend him to anyone out there looking to get golf lessons in the future. Keep up the great work Kiel! Sincerely, David Milnes”
David Milnes
December 28, 2011

 “I was intrigued to work with Kiel when I discovered that he attended The Golf Academy of America; the same golf school that I had attended. Being knowledgeable of the golf swing myself, I was extremely impressed with how quickly Kiel was able to address the faults in my swing that I have been concerned about for a long time. In just two lessons my improvements were far greater than I could have imagined. He is very personable and does an excellent job of explaining things. I look forward to working with Kiel in the future and highly recommend him.”
Jake Letman
December 28, 2011

“Kiel has taken my golf game to another level. He's helped me go from a 14 index to a 7 within a year and a half. Kiel takes a customized, progressive approach to teaching and really listens to what's going through your mind during the golf swing. He has a gift for teaching the mechanics of the golf swing in a way that truly resonates with your own swing thoughts. I would highly recommend!”
Paul R. Pezza
January 18, 2012

Todd Sones