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From experience, we’ve learned that players who don’t work on their Scoring Zone don’t really score that much better even if they have improved their ball striking. Over the last 20 years, we have developed our system of teaching the short game called The Scoring Zone. 40% of your score is based on how well you putt. 30 % is based on what you do from the edge of the green to about 70 yards out from the green. The Scoring Zone makes up 70 % of your score. If you don’t embrace it you will never realize your scoring potential.

A further benefit of working on your Scoring Zone is that your ball striking will improve. Since many of the fundamentals are the same, they transfer to a player’s full swing. For example, a player will typically stand at nearly the same posture regardless of whether they are driving the ball or putting. If a player stands in poor posture for the full swing, they will most likely set-up in the same poor posture in the short game. To improve, they need to correct their playing posture in all parts of their game.

Another example is hitting a half wedge shot. When a player has a loop in their golf swing, they will struggle hitting a half shot because they can’t stop the club halfway back since they need more time to make their loop. As they learn to hit half wedge shots by keeping the club on plane, they will keep the club on plane in their full swing. The interesting thing is that it is much easier for a player to correct a swing plane problem with a wedge because the club is heavier and moves slower so the player has a much better feel during the motion.



I think it really improves the mental game, knowing the appropriate shot to hit and how to execute the shot dramatically improves the odds of proper execution.

Matt M / Student


Played today in what will likely be the last round outdoors for the season and had the round of my life. All of the things we’ve been working on just came together. The change in posture, take away, the swing, and my putting all were really over the top.

Wayne L / Student


I liked the student to teacher ratio and that Todd did the intros to most of the shots. Everyone on staff was excellent. I felt it was a great instruction and a fair price for the value and level of knowledge and attention I received.

Tom K / Student


Plenty of individual attention. The putting session was fantastic. My new putter has changed my game for the better forever. Best putting instruction I have ever had.

Jeff D / Student

Extraordinary Experience!

I liked the different instructors rotating through, giving their individual perspective.

Larry A / Student

Extraordinary Experience!

I liked all the concepts and focus on the fundamentals. The fundamentals significantly overlapped with the different aspects of the game making it simpler to play.

James L / Student

Extraordinary Experience!

Second time I took the class, great review and refresher on all the basics and intermediate Scoring Zone shots.

Gabe C / Student

Extraordinary Experience!

Had a great time, learned a lot. I am using the shots on the course every time I play.

Wayne W / Student

Extraordinary Experience!

I like the diagnostic approach and left with the understanding of what I was doing wrong and how to improve.

Geraldine T / Student

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