Core Philosophy

“Impacting Your Game.”

There are good reasons we are ranked the #1 Golf School in the Midwest by Golf Magazine, as well as given the Editor’s Choice award for Best Golf Schools by Golf Digest. First and foremost is our staff. The one common thread the Impact Golf team possesses is that we love to help people get better. Make Our Students Better.

We do that in a number of ways. Most importantly, we treat players as individuals. There is not one best
swing that works for all people, but there is one best swing for each person. At Impact Golf we take each
person, evaluating their personal swing to make it as good as it can be. We also know how to keep
instruction simple, careful not to over teach, so that a student is leaving a lesson with the right amount of
information. We use state of the art technology and record video summaries so our students can always
review their instruction from our video server.

Another reason we are so effective is because we teach holistically. There are three major parts to improving a player’s game; full swing, short game (including putting), and mental on-course strategy.

Our Scoring Zone Program is nationally acclaimed and has helped many players significantly lower their score. Our system of teaching finesse shots is simple, effective, easy to learn and take to the course.

Our putting program, including putter fitting, is the best in the country. Over the years we have helped thousands of people significantly improve their putting. In 2016 ,we were recognized by Golf Digest as one of their Certified Fitters. We fit golf equipment based on what a player is capable of doing, not necessarily what they may be doing. When someone gets fit by us, they are going to get equipment that is specified to reward them for their best swing, helping them to play their best.

When you put that all together, we offer the most complete and comprehensive instruction program available in the Midwest, and maybe in the country. Allow us to help you reach your goals and play the way you want to play!

*Note: Refer to the article “Swing Chain” cover of July Golftips 1999 to gain a more in depth understanding of how we break down the golf swing.

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