Core Philosophy

“Impacting Your Game.”


After teaching golf professionally for over 35 years I have learned and experienced what works and what doesn’t

I coach with one phrase in mind: My value isn’t to help people FEEL better when they are with me, it’s to help them PLAY  better when they are not with me. When I am given the opportunity to coach someone my goal is to get sustainable results on the course for that person.

Time is also important to me. I want to get my students on the path to playing to their potential as quickly and as effectively as I can.

After experiencing teaching at WJ Sports in Buffalo Grove for the winter in 2020, then returning outside for the summer, I realized my students were improving faster as well as sustaining their improvement at WJ.

It became clear to me that feedback was the reason. Every time a person strikes a ball at WJ they know exactly how far the ball carries, its launch angle, spin rate, curvature and roll out. Outside it’s a guessing game.

More importantly the player receives a video replay of each swing from the front and behind view. When outdoors the player typically uses ball flight and contact for feedback which can be very misleading. FEEL and REAL is rarely the same. When a player sees what they are REALLY doing during their swing they are receiving true feedback every time they hit a shot.

The reason why people are getting better, faster at WJ than outdoors is because they are receiving accurate feedback as to what the ball is doing and visual feedback of what they are doing every time a ball  is struck.

I am making the switch to teaching swing, short game and putting techniques from outdoors to indoors is because I can help people get better faster.


I  treat each player as an individual. There is not a best
swing that works for all people, but there is a best swing for each person. I take each person, evaluate their personal swing, work with it, to make it as good as it can be. I also know how to keep instruction simple, I am careful not to over teach, so that a student is leaving a lesson with the right amount of information.

It is very important to me that when a student leaves their time with me they are completely clear on what they should be working on to stay on the path to reach their potential and sustainable improvement.

Another reason for our success is holistic teaching. Whether it be full swing, short game or putting all areas are reviewed and improved. Club fitting including the putter should be and is with me, a part of any players evaluation.

When the players equipment, including the putter matches where they are going verses where they currently may be, it gives the player the optimal chance to reach their playing potential.

Private Lesson with Todd 30 minutes:

  • Adults: $150
  • Competitive Juniors: $120

New Player Package 1st lesson- 1 Hour followed by (5) 30-minute lessons

  • Adults: $995 ($1050 value)

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