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Your putter is the most important club in your bag to be fit through instruction.
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Your putter is the single club in your bag that is responsible for almost half your score. It is the most valuable club in your bag. It is very common for people to spend upwards of $1500 to get to the green and then settle for a putter off the shelf, or worse yet, an improperly fit putter.

Your putter is the most important club in your bag to be fit through instruction. Last year we had a student attend our shortgame school directly after being fit into a beautiful $350 miss-fit putter. The problem was that the player’s original putter was too long, as well as the player was bent over too far with his hands too low in the set-up, resulting in the toe of the putter sticking up in the air. The player was fit into a customized 5° flat putter that was 1” too long because he was fit by a “fitter” who wasn’t a teacher and didn’t understand why the toe of his old putter was in the air.

The Tri-Fit method was developed because it is better for a player to be “Fitted through Instruction™” by a skilled instructor. A player first learns how to set-up to the ball properly, then is measured for the correct length putter. Just as important is that the putter is made in the proper gram weight, maintaining the correct swing weight, so that the player has feel and control of their speed.

The bottom line: For any equipment in your bag, it is always better to be “Fitted through Instruction™”. You will be fitted to equipment based on what you should be doing, verses what you are doing. That way, your equipment will help you to play your best.

We completely customize the putters below after we have taught you to set up correctly. We are able to customize putters in length, lie angle, loft, gram weight, and grip. You will improve your putting with good fundamentals and a putter that is fit properly. 


Todd’s new book “In The Zone: Learn to Putt like a Champion” is endorsed by Scotty Cameron.  Here is what Scotty had to say about Todd and the new book.

“I’ve known Todd Sones for going on 30 years now, ever since the days we both were traveling the Tour looking to grow our respective businesses. I was trying to get my putters in the hands of some of the players out there, and Todd was out there working with players trying to help them with their short games. 

Through those years, we’ve had a great relationship because we talk the same talk. In my area, I’ve developed a way for players to come in and find out exactly what is going on with their stroke and how that stroke works with the right putter. Todd is out in the trenches on Tour and at his academy outside Chicago, doing similar things. He wants to help people find that ideal combination of technique and the correct tool for the job. 

One of the things I respect about Todd the most is that he always wants to find the best information. He’ll call me with a theory about the stroke or how the ball and putter interact, and ask me to test it with the high-speed camera system we have here in Southern California. In the Studio, we can take his theories and prove them into fact, and use the information to get better at making putters, fitting players and understanding putting technique. 

That spirit of collaboration extends into the field, too. I send Todd special kits with putters, grips, tools and custom weights so he can thoroughly review our processes and give me his honest assessment about what we’re doing right and what needs to be improved. If a wrench needs to function better, or we need different fitting options to be available, I know he’s going to be straight about it—which helps me do my job better and him do his job better for his students. 

Todd has accumulated so much knowledge and experience over the years, and I really admire the way he works with his students. It takes a special teacher to be able to understand a complicated subject but share it in an uncomplicated way. That’s Todd’s gift—giving players the right information in a way they can actually use it. Putting is hard enough as it is, and it can be tough to teach because so many players have their own theories and beliefs about what they do—and those theories don’t always match up with what is actually happening. Todd and I are trying to accomplish the same things, which are to offer players peace of mind that they have the right tool for the job and give them the freedom to put their best stroke on the ball. 

And that’s what you’re getting in Todd’s new book, In The Zone. The best information, and a strategy for how to find the freedom to use it where it matters. I know you’ll enjoy it, and it will get your putting on the right track.”


Scotty Cameron 

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