2019 Honduras Trip

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2019 Honduras Trip

by | Sep 17, 2019

2019 Father- Child Trip to Comayagua, Honduras

We just returned home from our annual trip to Comayagua. This is my 8th, CJ’s 6th and Owen’s 3rd trip. I am so thankful that I get to share this experience with my sons as well as all the other men and their children. It has been life changing for all of us.

Each trip is always unique and leaves me with something that puts life in perspective. This year I came away thinking a lot about the difference between fun and fulfillment. As I am somewhere on the back 9 of my life and have started to put most of the experiences in my life into one of those two buckets.

It is good to do things that are refreshing and fun, but the when fun ends when the experience stops. It is fun to have a day on the golf course playing with good friends. It is fulfilling to set a goal to improve your game, create a plan, practice and go out and consistently play at a higher level. That feeling of fulfillment will last a lot longer than when you leave the parking lot for the day. Being fulfilled is lasting.

I feel very blessed in my career. It is fulfilling to help a player reach their goals of improving their play. I have enjoyed that experience so many times in my career over the last 35 years and am thankful for all the players that have given me the opportunity to be a part of their improvement.

That said our trip to Honduras has become one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. Having gone enough times, I have been able to watch some kids grow into becoming young adults with bright futures. I can’t help thinking where these children would be if it weren’t for the efforts of the people who are a part of the charity “All God’s Children”. I got to meet one young man whose name was Francisco this trip. He is 26 years old and entered the orphanage as a infant. He worked hard and took advantage of the opportunities he was given. After doing well in school then in the Honduras University he was given an opportunity to come to the states stay with one of the families from the fellowship and attend Dominican University in Riverwoods. After graduating he wanted to return to his home in Comayagua and continue helping the group of alumni, he experienced life with while he was growing up at the orphanage for boys we call the Farm. He works professionally for the company QQC as well as does some work with Promus Capitol in Chicago. I true success story.

For anyone who has invested in helping these children through giving to the charity “All my Children”, rest assured your contribution is making a difference. The board at all my Children brought a husband and wife team Randy and Mercedes on about 3 years ago to oversee, manage and develop the Hogar (girls orphanage) the Farm (Boys orphanage) and other various locations supported by All My Children”

In the Three short years they have been there, the progress is nothing short of a miracle. Every year we tour all the facilities and living conditions the children live in. We were all blown away by all that has happened. They have beds that were built by the boys at the farm, everything was freshly painted, improved plumbing, and on and on. More importantly there is a sense of leadership, opportunity and hope that was so apparent with these Children. If you have donated to “all my children” your investment has truly impacted children in real need. You have given some without any hope of a good future a tremendous sense of purpose and excitement for the possibilities that are in front of them.

If you would like to donate to

All God’s Children
PO Box 5909
Villa Park, IL 60181